In what is believed to be the first transaction of its kind, John Clark sold his woodland camo GR1 for $185 plus shipping.

“I’ve had the ruck for a long time,” said Clark. “But I have a few others I like better, so I thought I’d sell it. I figured since it was used, I should charge less than what I paid for it. I mean, who’d pay more than that for a used ruck?”

The ruck was posted on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $185. The bag sold in less than 2 minutes.

“Are you kidding,” said Lance McDuffy, the buyer of the unicorn ruck. “These things can easily fetch $400. I have eBay alerts set up to notify me anytime a GORUCK item is posted. I bought this bad boy as soon as I saw it. The seller must be crazy.”

The woodland camo GR1 does appear to be very rare and usually expensive. At the time of publishing, there was only one other woodland camo GR1 for sale on eBay. There is one posted for sale on ebay by the seller lmcduf  with a $400 buy-it-now price.


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