Mark Klemm, the man who notoriously finished Selection the day he signed up for it, has taken his dominance to a new level by finishing a GORUCK Event before it even exists.

GORUCK employee Lee McCarthy, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, confirmed that Klemm, in fact, did complete their most audacious event to date before the GORUCK HQ team had even created it.

“It was pretty amazing,” McCarthy said. “He just shows up at HQ, looking like hell, mumbling something about peaches and carrying a bag of peanut-buttah and rivah-watah. We gave him a beer with half of a PB&J Bomber was eating and he began to explain the GORUCK event he just completed. The patch was pretty sweet.”

“Everyone knows that I finished Selection the day I signed up for it,” said Klemm. “Topping that was gonna be hard. Then one day it hit me. I would finish an event before GORUCK even created it.”

When asked about the event, Klemm said it was harder than Selection but easier than his day-to-day training.

“I start my day rucking a marathon,” said Klemm. “I hate rucking, so I try to get it done in a couple of hours. After that, I go run my Muay Thai gym, buddy carrying my clients to and from their houses. Then, I start my serious training.”

GORUCK has yet to officially release the event for the public to sign up for but Lee McCarthy, who again spoke on the condition of anonymity, said he thinks the team will push the event into BETA as soon as they figure out what it is.

The event Klemm did is probably too hard for you. Just click here and sign up for Selection instead.

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