At 2:37 AM Saturday morning Cadre Steve instructed the 37 men and women of GORUCK Tough Class 1377 to put down their log, at which time he ordered 12 Ubers to take them to the local Internal House of Pancakes.

“It all started early in the evening,” said Cadre Steve. “We were doing a normal welcome party and the group just couldn’t suffer in silence. There were genuine moans of pain and agony. It started to tug on my heart. That feeling, like a tender flower, began to grow and bloom as the night progressed and I saw what a hard time the team was having.”

Once at the IHOP, Cadre Steve ordered everyone Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity® Pancakes and hot cocoa.

“I just kept thinking, What the hell is going on?” said event participant Allen Bates. “I mean, I love pancakes and I wasn’t about to question the cadre, but what the hell was that?”

After the team completed their pancakes and cocoa, Cadre Steve asked everyone if they felt better and if they were up for continuing the event.

“Often us Cadre get written off as hard asses that just want to beat you down,” said Cadre Steve. “But we really just want to teach life lessons. So, hopefully in the future, when these guys and gals are having a tough day or facing adversity in life they can think hey, maybe someone will take me out for pancakes.”


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