Just 2 hours after the March 28th GORUCK Tough in Topeka Kansas endexed, shadow Dan Manning posted 57 non-blury, well-lit event photos to the event’s facebook page, sending shockwaves through the world of GORUCK shadows and GRT alike.

“We don’t have an official policy about this sort of behavior,” said fellow shadow, Alex Samuel, “but generally speaking we shadows try not post pictures for at least 1-2 weeks after the event ends and we really only post the pics that are too dark and blurry to see what’s going on.”

Fellow shadows aren’t the only ones caught off guard by Manning’s actions.

“I’m really not sure what to do with these,” said Erin Williams. “They are all so clear and well composed. I kind of feel like this is the sort of picture you’d have to pay for at one of those obstacle course races. I don’t want my friends thinking I do obstacle course race. Ugh!”

When asked if this sort of behavior would result in any disciplinary action from GORUCK HQ, Community Manager Christopher Goad said, “As long as he doesn’t take pictures of people’s nasty feet and tag me in them, I really don’t care what he does.”

It remains to be seen what impact Manning’s actions will have on the GORUCK Shadow community. For now, Samuel and his fellow shadows are watching to see how the situation develops.

“It’s just hard to understand what he was thinking,” said Samuel. “Also, I’m pretty sure Dan wasn’t even drunk while he was shadowing. It is all very confusing.”


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