After years of convincing his teammates that he hated being a casualty during GORUCK events, Todd Baker confessed that he, in fact, liked being carried.

“Carrying people and coupons is really hard after a while. It is nice to take a break and have the team carry you for a bit,” Baker said. “But, I didn’t want people to think I was being a wus or anything. So, when I was a casualty I would let people know how hard and uncomfortable it was being carried and how I would rather be the one carrying something.”

But, according to Baker, being carried was great.

“Yeah, especially if there was a litter and you could just kind of lay there. It was like a moving hammock,” said Baker. “But, again, I really had to sell it to my friends that I was suffering. Sometimes I’d fake a cramp just to let them know being a casualty was just as hard as carrying all that stuff, including me.”

When asked what led to him to confess his laziness to his team, Baker said it was a patch.

“I was at a GORUCK event and someone had a patch that said ‘LEEROOOOY JEEEENKINS‘ and I knew I couldn’t go on like this. I had to tell my team,” said Baker. “That patch really spoke to me.”


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